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Day 15

Stay Energetic During this Summer Ramadan

This year, the holy month of Ramadan falls closer to the summer, which means that fasting hours become longer. So, during this time what does your body depend on to be able to last the whole day and keep going?

Birth and Childhood of Imam Hassan (a.s.)

Name : Hasan (a.s.) - the 2nd Holy Imam

Title : al-Mujtaba

Father : Imam Ali(a.s.) - the 1st Holy Imam

Mother : Bibi Fatima Az-Zahra(s.a.) bint-e-Mohammad Rasool-Allah(pbuh&hf)

Birth : At Madina on 15th of Ramzan 3 AH (624 AD)

Death : In Madina at age 47, on 28th of Safar 50 AH (670 AD)

Cause of Death/Burial : Martyred by means of poison and buried in the cemetry of Baqi in Madina.



15th of Ramadan

  • Birth of Imam Hassan (AS), 3 H, in Medina

Hadeeth 15

Imam Ali Amir ul Mu'mineen [a] said: "The one who seeks for knowledge is like a warrior in the cause of religion for the way of Allah."

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