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Day 12

Key Concepts in Islamic Spirituality: Humbleness

by: Sheikh Mohammad Ali Shomali

Another key concept in Islamic spirituality is ultimate humbleness or spiritual poverty. This means to strengthen our understanding of the need for Allah and achieve a sense of complete reliance on Him. This means that even saying, “Allah has been very kind to me” or that “Allah has been very generous to me” is not enough. Who are we without Allah’s favour and grace? We are nothing!



Olives assist the health and function of the ovaries.

12th of Ramadan

  • The revaluation of Bible (Injil) upon Prophet Jesus.
  • Prophet Mohammad instituted brotherhood between the emigrants, Muhajirun, and the helpers, Ansar, and he chose Imam Ali as his own brother, 1 A.H.
  • The Battle of Buwaib, 13 A.H.

Hadeeth 12

Imam Sadiq [a] said: "He who habitually tells the truth, his deeds are purified; Allah increases the sustenance of the one whose intention is good; and he who treats his family members well, Allah prolongs the length of his life."

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